Codependency Recovery: 7 Steps for Healing Yourself and Your Relationships

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  1. Sue Finnerty says:

    Excellent and so helpful. One of the things that really stood out for me was “You give way past the point of it hurting because you need that person to make you feel whole.” An ongoing journey to heal from co-dependency.

  2. Lyn Mussack says:

    Problem is you don’t even realize you are doing all these things as you go through life. After 60 years and 2 narcissistic parents a HUGE lightbulb comes on and it’s time to figure things out before it’s too late! Thank you for your guidance and knowledge – truly a blessing !

  3. Eric says:

    Some people, including myself and several I know, lean to be more empathetic, cut-out to be caregivers. It’s not always from trauma… but trauma tends to occur for these people, because their good hearts are easily deceived & manipulated (often unintentionally) by others. It feels good & empowering to help others… but you don’t realize how draining it is on yourself, if they’re not giving equally in return. You realize it when it’s too late, you feel down, and you don’t know why.
    Few things in life feel as important as making a positive impact on another person’s life, so it’s hard for me to accept that I need to focus more on myself than helping others. I feel like I need to help myself enough to feel full of energy, so that I can help others and feel purpose.
    I liked the parts of this blog that says “stop judging your own needs” and “honor your own needs”. Neediness is discouraged, placing your needs as a burden on others is discouraged, and unfortunately one of our psychological needs is “connection” with others… which leaves us with a need that’s difficult to fulfill alone. If connecting with someone who is too critical, it can discourage us & reduce self-esteem and make us more desperate for connection, which leads to a toxic relationship with that person if not communicated & rectified.

  4. Hi Michele 😊
    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel & had to read this article when I saw it was yours!
    Another great insight for me this is & since subscribed to your channel on YouTube have healed so MUCH! From codependency☺️
    Thanks to you! X

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