Monthly Archive: October 2023


Shift The Focus Of Your Hope For Change. Here’s Why.

By Dr. Rhoberta Shaler. Do you find yourself constantly clinging to the hope that a Hijackal—my term for someone difficult, unreasonable, potentially with narcissistic tendencies—will miraculously become a healthy, interested, empathetic, equal partner? If...


The Reason You Are Still Codependent

By Candace van Dell, Master Coach & Spiritual Teacher.  When you were a child, my dear, you either consciously or subconscious learned to put your feelings aside for others. It was your survival mechanism....


How To Be Loved For Who You Are

By Marlena Tillhon MSc. Have you ever considered how codependency is what stops you from feeling open, safe, loved and free in your relationship? The way I see it, codependency was taught to us...