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Shift The Focus Of Your Hope For Change. Here’s Why.

By Dr. Rhoberta Shaler. Do you find yourself constantly clinging to the hope that a Hijackal—my term for someone difficult, unreasonable, potentially with narcissistic tendencies—will miraculously become a healthy, interested, empathetic, equal partner? If...


Have You Abandoned Yourself?

By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, Relationship Crisis Consultant. When you hear the word “abandonment,” you likely picture being left behind in a physical sense. But have you considered the idea of abandoning yourself? Sounds impossible,...


Healing From Narcissistic Abuse & Relationship Trauma

AVAIYA’s next free online event, Healing From Narcissistic Abuse & Relationship Trauma begins soon. Don’t miss it! According to Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest person is a 115 year old named María Branyas...


Why Enabling Never Gets You What You Most Want

By Rhoberta Shaler, PhD. Ever awoke to the early morning anger of a toxic person? Nothing has really happened yet, and already you’re scrambling to say or do something that will appease them, make...