CoRe Audio Program – Week 3

Your third week’s audio class is:

Codependency: When Great Suffering Becomes A Great Calling

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In this class from AVAIYA Teacher and CORE Council Member, Briana MacWilliam, you will learn:

  • How attachment styles contribute to toxic, codependent relationships.
  • How to overcome toxicity in relationships.
  • How toxic relationships lead to the most secure relationship you can ever have.

Download or stream today’s audio and find your journal prompts below.

Codependency: When Great Suffering Becomes A Great Calling

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Don’t Forget To Take Advantage Of Your Week 3 Journal Prompts

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  1. Briana talked about the different attachment styles and how they can lead to unhealthy, codependent relationships. Be sure to take Briana’s free quiz here to determine your attachment style, and afterwards, journal your answer to this question: “How does my attachment style show up in my relationships?”
  2. Briana talked about how in codependent relationships, your source of comfort is also your source of threat. Can you relate to this? If so, in what relationships?
  3. What was the biggest insight you took from today’s audio class, and how can you implement this insight into your Codependency Recovery journey?

We all bring unique strengths to CORE. Together, we can reduce and remove conflict and unhealthy relationships from our lives and the lives of others on this journey. Enjoy journaling and if you’re inspired to share your answers in the private community and receive support, click the image below.

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