CORE Audio Program – Week 2

Your second week’s audio class is:

How to Heal From Addiction & Codependency Resulting From Childhood Trauma

In this class from AVAIYA Teacher and CORE Council Member, Kevin Petersen, you will learn:

  • Why Codependency is common among families that struggle with addiction as well as families that don’t.
  • Common symptoms of Codependency within families.
  • The link between childhood trauma and Codependency & strategies to heal your past.

Download or stream today’s audio and find your journal prompts below.

How to Heal From Addiction & Codependency Resulting From Childhood Trauma

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Week 2 Journal Prompts

If you would like to explore the questions below privately, we suggest you put pen to paper and write in a journal. If you would like additional support and want to support others struggling, please share in our Private Facebook Community HERE.

  1. Kevin talked about how Codependent people are often attracted to people who have a lot of drama and chaos in their lives. In what ways do you see yourself attracted to people who have drama and chaos in their lives? Can you tie this drama and chaos back to your childhood experiences?
  2. Kevin talked about common symptoms associated with Codependency. What symptoms do you see showing up in your life? What relationships do these symptoms show up in?
  3. What was the biggest insight you took from today’s audio class, and how can you implement this insight into your Codependency Recovery journey?

Enjoy journaling and if you’re inspired to share your answers in the private community and receive support, click the image below. Remember, we all bring unique strengths to this group. Together, we can work on our Codependent tendencies and cultivate healthy, thriving relationships!

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