Healing Your INNER CHILD Through Your Higher Power

By Candace van Dell

When we talk about Codependency, we have to mention the fact that we have been children who experienced arrested development. Mainly because our parents are arrested themselves. What this means is that we can not reach a certain emotional level of intelligence when being raised by others who are stunted.

This may seem harsh but let’s really look at it. When we are not allowed the experience of SELF EXPRESSION, we are not allowed to let go of what we feel or process it. It remains STUCK in our bodies. When something is stuck, it has no where to go. Our emotions need to grow and be released.

What often happens is we start to adopt the coping mechanism to search for this PERSON who will allow us to feel supported, guided and safe. We often have the stunted emotional imprint which means we will end up Vibing with people who also end up not being emotionally mature.

This is where the toxic relationship dynamic comes in. We end up with people who repeat the same narrative, the same story line, the same conclusion which validates the limiting beliefs we started with. So what do we do?

We must educate ourselves on codependency and the dynamic of emotional imprint and toxic relationships. For more assistance I have my classes I have linked here that will serve you greatly called emotional rehab & shadow work.

We must rehabilitate our emotions from ground up. We must understand the mother and father wounds.

We must chose Father/ Mother God as our support rather than another wounded human. This sounds daunting but with a structured healing approach it can be filled with grace and ease. Practicing a relationship with a higher source that supports us is mandatory for us to be able to release our ATTACHMENT to this dependency on others who are undependable.

I encourage you to start a daily meditation practice if you haven’t already or to walk in nature regularly. These practices will help you FEEL the energetic support I speak of.

You deserved UNCONDITIONAL love. You are safe to follow your heart even if others don’t agree. You have a unique purpose that calls to you in every moment. The goal is to align with that higher power to start to claim your higher purpose.

Much love,

Candace van Dell, Spiritual Coach & Healer. Learn more about Candace and MASTER your inner work in her signature courses: https://candace-van-dell.mykajabi.com/er-and-sw-programs-video

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  1. Rafaela says:

    Thank you so much for this! I feel like I’m taking my power back!

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