Codependency Is Trying To Keep You Safe

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  1. Vicki says:

    THANK YOU for accurately describing codependency!!! I thought, “Finally! Somebody got it right!! Codependency is a way to survive in a troubled family. Because there’s no place else for you to go.” Having grown up in that kind of atmosphere, as an ordained minister, I’ve seen and suspected this stuff going down in the pews.
    And much of “professional ministry” seems to be forced codependency.

  2. Joyce says:

    People pleasing and perfectionism, these two run strong in my family. Love in my home growing up was mostly transactional, and I was raised by a helicopter perfectionist mother who was emotionally unavailable, and who worked full-time in an era when mothers didn’t work outside of the home. Hence this left me at home for long periods of time with my younger sister after school being watched by our sitter, better know as T.V. I have learned so much from Marshall about codependency and how it is NOT a disease, and how I do not have to feel ashamed anymore about being codependent for MOST of my life, not understanding what it was and thinking that I was a huge failure in life and relationships, and most of the time thinking I must be crazy, or what is wrong with me? I now realize that my codependency was doing its best to keep me safe. I am so grateful for this awakening and for his teaching and mentoring. So much gratitude and respect for Marshall, for doing the work, and now helping others heal from codependency.

  3. C.M. says:

    Adaptations to survive a sick organization: the pathological intergenerational family system.

  4. Thank you for this.. confirmation!
    That I’m not to blame! Or have a disease or identity!
    But a result of what I’ve been through!
    Such a relief to me & validation!

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