Healing From Narcissistic Abuse & Relationship Trauma

AVAIYA’s next free online event, Healing From Narcissistic Abuse & Relationship Trauma begins soon. Don’t miss it!

According to Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest person is a 115 year old named María Branyas Morera.

What is her secret to longevity?

Staying away from toxic people.

Research has shown that toxic relationships and codependency can impact our physical health, as well as our lifespan.

Have you experienced toxic relationships?

How about Narcissistic Abuse or other kinds of Relationship Trauma?

So many Codependent people have.

If so, perhaps you’re experiencing devastating mental and physical health impacts like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, difficulty sleeping, headaches, digestive issues, chronic pain, cognitive impairment and more.

You are not alone.

AND we have a life-changing opportunity to share with you. We highly recommend you join us for this FREE online event from AVAIYA University:

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse & Relationship Trauma

Over 35 trauma-informed therapists, relationship experts, psychologists and more will help you heal your codependency, break free from toxicity, and experience the respect, love & healthy relationships you deserve.

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Here is the lineup of codependency and toxic relationship experts speaking during the online event:

Caroline Strawson, Kim Saeed, Rebecca Zung, Dr. Joe Rubino, Lindsey Ellison, Tracy Malone, Renee Swanson, Michelle Farris, Dr. Sherrie Campbell, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, Vikki Stark, Anne Blythe, Ken Page, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, Susan Ball, Stephanie McPhail, Joshua Sylvae, Cheryl Fidelman, Esther Goldstein, Kevin Petersen, Jay Reid, Veronika Archer, Rachel Grant, Kaleah LaRoche, Annie Kaszina, Ronia Fraser, Tracy Principi, Jaime Bronstein, Dr. Linda Olson, Sara Illig, Sarah Pacaro, Amanda Ann Gregory, Maria McMahon, Erica Hornthal, Angela Myer & Victoria McCooey.

After you register, keep an eye out for AVAIYA’s email for specific details on accessing these free classes. (Replays will be available for 24 hours after each class airs).

Here’s to taking back your power!

Please share this article with anyone you think would benefit from these transformational classes. Thank you for sharing. Click here to save your spot for Healing From Narcissistic Abuse & Relationship Trauma now!

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