Freeing Yourself From The Thirsty Codependent

By iKE ALLEN, Co Founder of AVAIYA University & The Codependency Recovery Council.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you are your own worst enemy.”

This phrase suggests that we are capable of doing more harm to ourselves than anyone else can. It suggests that we can be our own undoing and cause our own downfall. It also implies that we can be more critical of ourselves than anyone else can be. We each have the choice to view this phrase as a reason to accept defeat and live our lives as victims. Or, it can be used to remind us to be kind to ourselves and to be aware of our own inner dialogue.

Freeing yourself from The Thirsty Codependent begins with making the shift from dramatic patterns of behavior to healthier patterns. This begins with personal responsibility. Codependents can greatly benefit from recognizing the role they play in creating drama in their lives and make a conscious effort to take responsibility for their own behavior. This includes examining our thoughts and feelings, and understanding the patterns of behavior that lead to drama. And yes, we all know how challenging this can be.

Practicing self-awareness can help codependents become aware of the drama-creating behaviors we engage in, such as constantly trying to please others or engaging in power struggles. By recognizing and acknowledging these behaviors, codependents can begin to make changes to our behavior.

Developing healthy boundaries is also essential for codependents to stop creating drama. This includes learning to say “no” and setting clear limits with others. It also involves learning to take care of ourselves first and understanding that it is okay to take time for yourself.

Finally, codependents can free themselves from The Thirsty Codependent by engaging in self-care. This includes activities such as yoga, meditation, education, journaling, therapy and engaging in enjoyable activities. Taking care of oneself and learning how to relax can help codependents to manage their emotions and reduce the need to engage in drama-creating behaviors.

Freeing yourself from The Thirsty Codependent requires taking responsibility for our own behavior, practicing self-awareness, developing healthy boundaries, and engaging in self-care. By making the commitment to do these things, codependents can begin to create a life of balance and inner peace.

After over 20 years of creating supportive resources like AVAIYA & The Codependency Recovery Council, I know that with commitment, practice and patience, all codependents can learn to create healthier, drama-free relationships and free themselves from The Thirsty Codependent.

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By iKE ALLEN, Father of two exceptional daughters & Co Founder of AVAIYA University & The Codependency Recovery Council.

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