Reality Check Affirmations for Codependency Recovery


Unchecked limiting beliefs can keep a person trapped in codependent relationships. Countless random limiting beliefs can hammer us throughout our day. They tell us to doubt our own capabilities and our self worth.

The cycle of unchecked limited beliefs often leaves us feeling helpless and without hope. If we don’t begin to look at these beliefs and challenge them, this cycle will continue to manipulate us indefinitely.

Limited beliefs lead many of us to stay trapped in a relationship that is ultimately damaging to our own infinite possibility. The key is to wake up and recognize the impact of these limited beliefs and confront them every single time we notice it happening. Once confronted, you can ask yourself if what you believe is true. Is there actual proof that you’re unworthy, unlovable, undeserving?

With the right frame of mind, we can all see that everyone is worthy, lovable and deserving. And the good news is…you are part of the everyone’s!

Once you’ve seen how untrue these beliefs are, you can begin to replace these limited beliefs with supportive affirmations.

Affirmations are important in creating change because they help individuals to reprogram their thinking. Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated over and over, either silently or out loud, to help individuals find a new perspective and focus their attention.

This type of self talk is especially beneficial when attempting to reframe the way you view yourself, your life, or any other area of focus.

By repeating positive affirmations, you are able to challenge limiting beliefs and create a more positive outlook for yourself and your life.

I’ve included 10 popular Codependency Recovery Affirmations below. I invite you to pick just one today and repeat it to yourself every time you question your greatness.

You’ve told yourself countless times that you’re not whole and complete so it is going to take patience and persistence to reprogram your thoughts. The good news is that once you’ve accomplished it, your mind will be full of empowering beliefs that guide you effortlessly into a future designed for your ideal life of joy.

It may sound silly to some, but to me, I know that, “I choose to live with joy, acceptance, and compassion for myself.” (#9 on the list.)

If you give this simple practice a fair try, I promise it’ll work.

10 Codependency Recovery Affirmations:

  1. I am responsible for taking care of my needs and I am worthy of doing so.
  2. I accept and respect my needs and feelings.
  3. My happiness and self-worth depend on no one else but myself.
  4. I am stronger than any difficult emotions I may be currently feeling.
  5. I can express my needs to others in appropriate and healthy ways.
  6. I have the power to create strong and meaningful relationships.
  7. I am capable of setting boundaries and speaking up for myself.
  8. I can respectfully honor and value my own opinions.
  9. I choose to live with joy, acceptance, and compassion for myself.
  10. I am learning to face my challenges and make positive changes in my life.

iKE ALLEN is a quirky, happy father of two extraordinary daughters, partner to the legendary Ande Anderson, and involved in about 1354 other things that bring joy into his life. He says at least 250 affirmations each day.

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