Parental Projection

By Candace van Dell.

When we grow up with not good enough parents, we are going to project our unmet needs onto our partners and sometimes our children – unless we do some inner child work.  We don’t realize we are doing this.  We know we feel a need that nags at us and when our partner does not take care of that love void for us, we are triggered.

For many years we can walk around without any awareness that we are looking to our partner to fill the parental void.  As we start to wake up to what those needs are, we can start to pinpoint how this still triggers us, and we can almost feel relief when we make the connection.  It immediately starts to allow us to neutralize our partner in this way and the pressure is off of them but also us.  When we can understand what we are doing, we can start to put that wound in it’s right place.  We almost feel good about the fact that this person was never supposed to be these things for us.  We look at them differently, more correctly.  We see that this is from childhood and can only ever be healed from WITHIN.

Inner child work is our path of taking full responsibility.  Not for our parents’ mistakes, but for our continued mistakes due to our imperfect upbringing.  We get to reparent our own inner child better than we were ever parented as a child.  Shadow work is the ultimate roadmap from start to finish with Mother, Father and Generational wound healing.  We all deserve another shot and how amazing it is to give that to yourself!!

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    The information in this article are eye opening.

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