The Hidden Money Issue In Codependency

By Candace van Dell.

Are you struggling to support yourself financially?  Do you keep finding yourself back at home or living with people who are less than good for you and your wellbeing?  Do you have the common issue of people breaking your boundaries or invading your space physically and or emotionally?  You want so badly to be in a safe, secure environment but you fear the financial burden of supporting yourself?

In my work I have seen much of this with clients.  I have also seen energetically, a subconscious resistance to total autonomy or freedom.  On one hand you desire this and on the other hand, you learned that full autonomy was wrong, unsafe.

Chances are you grew up in a home with a narcissistic, codependent or alcoholic parent.  A parent with some emotional immaturity that kept you emotionally unsafe from your own abilities.  When you were independent or did not share that parents vision, you were punished or rejected or neglected in some way.  

We often do to our inner child what was done to us as child until we heal this.  So now that you are an adult, you subconsciously hold the belief that you are DOING SOMETHING WRONG if you are self sufficient.  YES, let that sink in.

Are you attracted to dependent partners or are you dependent yourself on someone?  You are used to the energy of dependency and survival.  As a child your survival was based on depending on undependable people.  Because of this, you are afraid to depend on YOU.  It was not allowed and now you can’t feel a way to safely allow it.

Awareness is your first step. Now what we do is the counterintuitive thing.  Notice your patterns and allow that unconscious fear to come up.  Then tell yourself that you now know where this comes from and you are also sure that it is no longer true.  Of course you can take care of yourself if you try. But are you willing to break through that old pattern of fear to find your golden ability to provide?  Can you walk the hard path of going against your old programing to honor your deeper desire to end the cycle?

This is not easy but it is mandatory.  Taking the ALIGNED ACTION STEPS that go against that old inner scarcity fear to prove it wrong.  You can do this.  You either continue this very obvious pattern or you have the courage to explore a new possible truth that no one has allowed you to ever see before.  You are the family cycle breaker.  You do not need anyone’s permission or validation, you need your own.

Candace van Dell is an international spiritual coach and intuitive. She helps you heal your emotional wounds and blocks from the original place. Find her work here

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