Manifesting From Your Inner Child

By Candace van Dell – Spiritual Teacher & Coach.

Manifesting is a big subject these days but more often than not, I see something even bigger missing.

We have all heard about the law of attraction and manifesting our dreams.  But as a coach, I have been seeing clients for a decade and many of those clients have manifested their dreams and do not feel happy.  Why in the world would this happen?  Because they are manifesting their ego/ wounded inner child needs.  The things that they think will make them feel enough, accomplished, good enough and happy.  The problem is that they may feel happy for awhile because they think that happiness is reaching those societal ideals that say “I AM ENOUGH, I HAVE ARRIVED AND I AM AT THE TOP.”

I myself have done this too.  I had the career in my 20’s and 30’s that society said was amazing.  I was an international model and actress.  I lived in the mansion on the mountain and drove the Maserati.  Those were really fun things, BUT something was missing.  I had externally proven to myself or to my wounded inner child that I was capable and worthy right?  But I also wondered why my soul was still sad on some level.

The more inner work I did, the more naturalness I craved.  I watched my life transform as my inner world was growing more vibrant, my external world felt less and less important.  This scared me as first.  Those measures of success and enoughness were not doing it for me and I was worried about what would.  I started to crave simple things, I stopped judging people and circumstance as I saw no worth in that.  I started to truly appreciate what felt fun and interesting, even if it was something I would formerly put in the not good enough category.  I started to follow that right into my deepest happiness.  

As I healed my inner world, my outer world transformed into something that looked a little less glamorous to me, but felt beyond exciting to simply experience a daily contentment that felt so natural and easy.  Today I feel so passionate about those inner child needs versus those adult healed desires.  As we heal and release ourselves from the prison of proving our worth, we can actually manifest a world that mirrors our deepest heart’s desires.

Candace van Dell, Highly Sensitive Person expert. Learn more about Candace and heal your emotional wounds. Check our her 12 week course here.

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