Shift The Focus Of Your Hope For Change. Here’s Why.

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  1. Diane says:

    Wow that one really hit home for me. My husband changed right after the wedding. He married me because I had beautiful skin and he had just finished his medical study to be a Dermatologist. It was all an act to use me to make him look good. I got away from him after nearly 10 years and wondered what happened to my life and my goals. He took them all away and didn’t bat an eye. He died a few years ago but years after leaving him in 1980 I am finally able to see the truth of all the things he did to devalue me. I made a life for myself and my girls and never looked back. He smeared my name to all of our mutual friends so when he left none of them stayed in contact with me as HE was the Doctor and I was nothing. He degraded me every way he could. He took all the money and investments when he threatened me if I asked for anything he would take the kids. I signed off of it all and the judge had me sign an inequitable settlement paper. I didn’t do anything right to protect my financial future but I made it and he is dead. He can never do anything to hurt me again.

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