This Is Why You Need To Heal

By Candace van Dell.

Hello beautiful souls.  Now is your time to shine!  For the last decade I have focused entirely on helping the highly sensitive soul to regain their authenticity.  Many of us put our sensitivity into the shadow and started to focus on external authorities in the form of PARTNER.  We did this because we simply could not get consistent love, acceptance or affection from our care giver.  We learned to earn love and in doing this, we told our inner child that they were not WORTHY just as they are.

Let that sink in for a second.  You may have had a good caregiver BUT they were not consistent or unconditional.  Now you are not unconditional with your inner child.  We always do to our inner child what was done to us as a child.

Your TRUE PURPOSE in the world needs your AUTHENTICITY. Why?  Because you were born perfect for your purpose.  The Universe does not make mistakes, society does.  You have been living in this emotional dark age and were forced to deny the parts of you that DID NOT FIT THE SOCIETAL MEASURES.  I know this because I was you.  As a child being labeled with ADHD, I had to “believe” there was something flawed about me simply because my natural way of doing things was not the way of the system.

As I matured and started to see my dreams come true ANYWAY, I recognized that me being me was not wrong, but the system was in fact wrong about me.  I became an international model at age 16 and traveled the world making great money and learning different cultures.  Learning these different cultures also showed me that there are different beauty ideals in different parts of the world. When I lived and worked in Japan, they wanted my skin as white as possible, for me to be as skinny as possible and to look as young as possible.  In Germany they wanted me to be more tan, have a little more weight on my bones and to be the athletic girl next door.  So on and so forth with each new market I explored.  

I also learned about the different religions and their ideas about God.  All of these influences for me were extremely healing.  I got to go back into the OPTIONS of what it is that felt most true to me.  I want to suggest that you look at those parts you still are not sure of within yourself.  Why are you in doubt?  Why do you think you have low self esteem?  Those are the parts of your inner child that are waiting to be CLAIMED so that your purpose can be RECEIVED.

I love you!  This is your time to shine.

Candace van Dell is a Spiritual Teacher for highly sensitive souls. Her work is to guide your healing back to your True Authentic Self so that you can claim your LIFE PURPOSE. Her monthly membership THE TRUTH ROOM is where she does group healings and builds community around the world. Join now and cancel at anytime.

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