Stop Seeking External Validation: Healing Codependency From the Inside Out

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  1. Lucie says:

    I’m grateful I found this website. I’m an Al-Anon member, but there are no meetings where I live. Well, there is one only. It’s at the other edge of the city. I’m into lots of pain. Physical, Emotional, Mental. I wish I could speak to someone, it’s all in English, they speak too fast, they are stressful, who? everybody. I wish I could speak to someone in French. Empty my pail. or my heart. Having someone who have some compassion, empathy, to talk with. Am I asking the impossible? around here maybe. I have no Idea. One thing I know, Jesus is with me everyday. Glory to His name and the power of His name.

  2. Hang in there Lucie, on the main website – were you able to find any meetings in French? I’m sorry about that. Your English sounds pretty good so maybe that is best for now. Avaiya has great resources on codependency, I have some too – so fell free to check out those too.

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